"My Guardian Anger"

Track List: 1. The Heresiarch 2. Kiss My Sword 3. Opening of Eleventh Sephirah 4. Nude Sophia 5. Library on Fire 6. Mane-Tekel-Fares

1. The Heresiarch +++++++++++++++++ See the generations lost drowned in cold waters of Jordan Sheep led to the slaughter by humble shepherd Kephalophoros See their heads enchained with crowns and their flea-ridden royal cloaks I curse you - trembling knees bending too easily I curse insidious hands stretched out for more alms father and son, skin and bones footsteps printed in a sand this is the time and the place to throw the mask away Judge for you'll be judged Every single word counts He who has no name Omnivorous emptiness Virus that feeds on life Antithesis to synthesis He who is the heart but has no heart I breed fears hidden just beneath me skin pretending a dragon-shaped tattoo I breed all fevers and plagues stuff them with milk of my veins you can find my Sacred Church carved in the black skin of Earth Garmonbozia My cellar Anywhere read my names written in the water The Fish read my names written in the air The Not 2. Kiss My Sword ++++++++++++++++ Here I come to unleash your souls to swallow the forms to destroy the shells bow to me kiss the sword bow to the Scourge of God it's not even the matter of taste I hardly ever drink blood I feed on hopes and illusions on what you mortals call life the murderer - you say I'd say - the Healer the murderer - you say I'd say - the Savior Who to himself is law, no law does need Offends no law and is a king indeed Hear the broken bells chime mute war marches in your heart dismal psalm of rusty knives freezing hymn of emperors hymn of emperors to come stakes sown by my hand red dust under my feet when the gods sleep I rule this lousy world armless prophets fall armed prophets win bow to me 3. Opening of Eleventh Sephirah +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ via puritiva Passing too many gates leaving too many graves behind follow Jupiter's son on his way to hell the pilgrimage of lost hopes I kissed the bishop's poisonous ring I was dead between the dead White pages of your holy books torn to pieces by my hands the sword is too heavy the shield far too small Are we the tribe of kings yet destined to fall? via illuminativa Silver dawn awakening so far, far away from home the journey starts when I open my mouth swallowing careless words For the truth is not far beyond the veil of stars you won't find anything on the bottom of darkness it's all in the serpent's lethal bite it's in these little charming moments of thrill and we are not who we think we are we are who we're afraid to be via unitiva Addei Nam Namppa Khadu Tah O'Khadu Hallei Iah! Iah! Goadii Mazzu Halle-lei Badu Zarrah 4. Nude Sophia ++++++++++++++ With this ring I thee wed with two-cleft tongue I baptize thy flesh in this wine I wash the dirt off my angel wings wedding poles once opposite purest alchemy riding golden lizards wearing human meat crowned three times with Three she joined my dream inseminating her thousand wombs with burning drops of liquid light giving life to new Circles Orbits Spheres Monads Objects Souls with this blade I shall teach you perfidious luxury of love in this dance I surrender to the Might Fertility Divine the passion fades away as the dagger melts in her holy wound I'm getting closer and closer white sore sun swallows the dark the beginning is the end we are separated again like a walnut chopped in half 5. Library on Fire ++++++++++++++++++ I've walked thousand miles and I didn't move at all I've found thousand paths and I never knew where to go I've never been allowed to breathe the sweet winds of Carmel can't you Omniscient One foresee the coming storm? I spend each hundred years erasing your footsteps Like a mad architect I've build the walls out of air Your wounds were never deep enough To hide the Question and the Fear My wounds were always the sacrifice For the blind Beast of Labyrinth Forbidden Fruit on Fire One Name One God One Man this makes me sure Ialdabaoth what a painful certainty Adonai How safe do you feel hidden behind letters, ciphers, numbers, names? Take my vile burnt offering If there is a death - I am your Death through this flames I resurrect spirits injured with ink and paper Aeons once decapitated with the scissors of Highest Censor I set the Library ablaze I kiss the curse of wisdom goodbye 6. Mane-Tekel-Fares +++++++++++++++++++ Boze odlatujscy w obce dla nas strony Powstrzymaj odlot swoj I tul z placzem do piersi ten wiecznie krzywdzony Wierzscy w Ciebie gnoj /B. Le?mian , Do Siostry/ ashes scissors, stones blind children playing god unnamed species broken clock wounded soldiers on their way back home piece of heaven remembrances sweat and tears poisoned wine bitter honey second bottom of every dream half-dead prophets leper whores some old clothes of dethroned kings Mene - Tekel - Fares I dance on the ashes of Jerusalem Mene - Tekel - Fares I weep on the ashes of Jerusalem

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